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How To Care For Shoes

  • How To Tie Moccasins

    Posted 08 September 2016

    how to tie moccasin laces‘Nothing gold can stay,’ remarked Robert Frost. Although not referring to moccasin laces at the time of writing, the phrase does apply quite well. As we all know, the knots of moccasin laces are prone to coming undone. Fortunately, the problem is easily remedied by re-tying the knot. But what way is the best way to do so? To help you along in the process we would like to present four ways how to tie moccasin laces.SaveSave
  • How To Care For Shoes: Introduction

    Posted 22 July 2015

    Perhaps surprisingly, one of the most overlooked aspects of owning shoes is taking care of them.  By properly taking care of your shoes you will be able to extend their life, adding months, if not years of wear to your shoes.  We want you to take care of your shoes the right way, even if they are not Jay Butler's, so we decided to make a few videos to help you care for your shoes.

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