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  • The History of the Penny Loafer

    Posted 24 September 2020


    The penny loafer has transcended seasonal trends and is regarded as a timeless essential - much like a pair of khakis or a polo shirt.

    From the penny loafer’s international beginnings to how it became synonymous with Ivy League style, let’s take a quick look at its rich and varied journey as well as what makes the Jay Butler penny loafer unique.

  • Looks: Memorial Day Weekend (Where the Figawi?)

    Posted 24 May 2018

    With the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, the summer season is finally upon us, time to bring out your favorite Memorial Day gear and enjoy the long weekend.
  • Looks: Red, White & Blue

    Posted 28 June 2017

    Dressing for the Fourth of July holiday is pretty straight forward; just wear ample helpings of red, white and blue.  Although there are endless ways to pair the colors, we wanted to share our favorite pairing this year with you.
  • How To Wear & Style Loafers With Gentleman's Gazette

    Posted 24 April 2017


    Over the past number of months we have shared a variety of ways to wear loafers.  Showcasing how to wear them with everything from bathing suits to tuxedos.  Recently, our founder sat down with Sven Raphael Schneider from Gentleman's Gazette to discuss all things loafers. Save
  • Looks: Tweed & Turtlenecks

    Posted 02 March 2017


    With the end of winter in sight, there is still time to get some last wears out of some of the best pieces that can carry themselves both in winter and the early part of the spring.
  • Looks: Almost All Black Everything

    Posted 01 February 2017

    An all black ensemble can sometimes be a bold one, however it is not for everyone's taste.  The key to pulling off a successful all black, or almost all black, look is to mix different textures.
  • Dress Like Bond

    Posted 18 January 2017

    Throughout Skyfall, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, went through numerous outfit changes, but one of the more underrated ensembles consisted of an olive green Barbour field jacket, dark brown corduroys, a blue crew neck sweater, and a dark brown knotted scarf.


  • Looks: Monochromatic Brown

    Posted 04 January 2017

    Creating a monochromatic ensemble is one way to use a singular color palette without matching too much.  We decided to center our outfit around both cool and warm toned browns.

  • Looks: The Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Posted 13 December 2016


    Not excited about your fourth ugly Christmas sweater party of the season?  Neither are we.  As an alternative to those notorious sweaters we would like to showcase a more subdued, but equally festive, look.
  • Saturdays Are For The Boys

    Posted 07 November 2016

  • Looks: First Of Fall

    Posted 13 October 2016

    Fall is here, but it is not quite cool enough for all of the layers one typically associates with fall attire. For this look, we wanted to build an outfit by working backwards, starting with the shoes. We based the ensemble around a pair of brown suede Millbank bit loafers, and then worked upward.Save
  • Looks: The Navy Blue Suit

    Posted 04 October 2016


    Looking great does not have to be a chore. A navy suit is a cornerstone in any man’s wardrobe.  Its functionality, coupled with its ability to be easily styled, allows it to be worn for a variety of occasions. Regardless of season, situation, or styling a man is almost never out of place while wearing a navy suit.Save

  • Looks: Summer Shorts, Fall Colors

    Posted 22 September 2016

    Although it does not always feel like it, fall is officially upon us. Cheesy puns aside, the temperatures in much of the country have been ranging from the 50s to the 80s. Summer is sticking around for as long as possible. Depending on where you live, shorts may still be circulating in your wardrobe.Save
  • Looks: Bit Loafers & Black Tie

    Posted 30 August 2016

    Summer wedding season is coming to an end and the fall wedding and event season is fast approaching.  That said, black tie events may very well be in your future.  Don’t be alarmed when an invitation reads ‘Black Tie’.  We realize that sometimes it can cause panic and anxiety.  In reality it is an easy dress code to adhere to.  SaveSave
  • Trunk Show: Jay Butler At The Skinny Dip

    Posted 10 August 2016

    Jay Butler will be returning to Nantucket for its annual visit to the island this weekend with a trunk show at The Skinny Dip.  The Skinny Dip is 'a summer collective' featuring brands like Orlebar Brown, Tucker Blair, Ellsworth & Ivey and for this weekend only; Jay Butler. Save
  • Summer Looks: To The Beach

    Posted 28 July 2016

    We're in the dog days of summer and it is important to look good while by the pool or ocean.  We’ve put together a few thoughts on how to up your style for future waterside wanderings.
  • Summer Looks: Summer Soiree

    Posted 14 July 2016

    Summer is soiree season. There are times when the swim suit must be traded in for the sport coat; in other words, a certain level of formality is called for. Depending on the type of event and provided the event is not too formal, you can get adventurous with what you wear.SaveSave
  • Summer Looks: 4th of July Inspired

    Posted 02 July 2016

    With the upcoming 4th of July holiday we wanted to put together something more casual.  As you head to the beach, country, or somewhere in between this weekend; it's important to pack clothes that can take you from day to night and party to party. Save
  • Summer Looks: Penny Loafers, Seersucker & Linen

    Posted 01 July 2016

    Here at Jay Butler we have always strived to make shoes that are easy to wear and that look great on your feet.  We’ve received numerous inquiries from guys asking what they should wear with their Jay Butlers, so we are going to answer with a series of writings which will showcase a number of looks featuring our shoes.Save
  • Jay Butler & Indochino Are Having A Party

    Posted 08 June 2015

  • Jay Butler Sponsors Nantucket Charity Event

    Posted 01 August 2014


    The night of July 26, 2014 marked the 7th Summer Soiree, an annual event put on by the Nantucket based Nautican Foundation.  For the second year in a row the...
  • Welcome

    Posted 14 January 2014

    Welcome to Jay Butler.  We are purveyors of fine shoes and leather accessories for men.  We plan to launch in October of 2014.  Please keep checking back for updates.  ...

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