In Their Shoes: A Cardiology Fellow Discusses Growing up in an Immigrant Family, Expressing His Aesthetic, and Styling His Jay Butler Loafers.

Posted on November 10 2020

In Their Shoes: A Cardiology Fellow Discusses Growing up in an Immigrant Family, Expressing His Aesthetic, and Styling His Jay Butler Loafers.

In In Their Shoes, we chat with one interesting Jay Butler customer about their life, their look, their go-to loafers, and why they wear Jay Butlers. This week we’re talking with Janish Kothari, a cardiology fellow from Pennsylvania, about how he grew into his style, what he wears to work, and his favorite pair of Jay Butler perforated bit loafers.

We would like to thank Janish for allowing us to feature him and for providing photos of him wearing his Jay Butlers.  You can find him on Instagram as @Doctajayyy (click for link).  Want to share your story and how you wear your Jay Butlers? Send us a note to or to @JayButlerShoes (click for link).


Hey Janish. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 31, and I’m a cardiology fellow at St. Luke’s, training to be a full-blown cardiologist. I’m passionate about science, art, and aesthetics. Fashion is how I put those things together.


How did you grow into your personal style?

I was born in India, and my family moved to Jersey City when I was nine months old. It was a rough neighborhood, so I had to create a tough exterior. I dressed very urban—baggy jeans, oversized tees—but inside, I felt something different. I was drawn to vintage style, a more polished aesthetic. I loved art as a kid, but was never good at it. Eventually I realized art was a means to express yourself, feel catharsis, and fashion was just another way to express myself and find that catharsis, too. As I grew up and got more comfortable with who I was, I grew into expressing myself through my own personal style.


Who are your style icons?

Growing up an immigrant, I wasn’t as exposed to the greats. I used to go to the barbershop, and there was a picture of a guy wearing a fedora and a great suit, hanging out with a whole crew. I didn’t know it was Frank Sinatra, but I knew I wanted to look like him. Once I got a little older, I put more names to the iconic faces and their style: James Dean, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery. I realized, I can grow up to be like this. 


How would you describe your personal style today?

I have a strong affinity for things that are vintage, classic, and timeless. I have the ability to sort of take that a step further, add my own little eccentricities and flair, modernize the look. Back in the day, people used to wear what I wear, but a bit more oversized. I wear a tailored fit that matches my physique and contours, and I add splashes of color here and there to the staples. 

janish kothari doctajayyy - perforated bit loafers close up sm

What Jay Butlers do you wear?

My favorites right now are the Perforated Dark Brown Bit Loafers.


How do you wear them?

I love their versatility: I can wear them with pretty much anything, dress them up or down, slip them on to go to the beach or when I’m headed to a fancy dinner. 

 janish kothari doctajayyy - white pants perforated bit loafer on rock sm

Walk us through this look—this baby blue jacket and white jeans on the rocks in Newport.

This is the first time I’ve owned anything like them. I thought, “These are interesting—how can I style them?” My wife and I were headed to Newport, Rhode Island, so I thought: these are breathable, they’re perfect for the beach. Let’s go for a nautical, vintage feel. The shoe brought the entire outfit together. 

But here’s the reason I really love them—I could have just as easily worn them with khaki shorts and a t-shirt, and they would have complimented the look just as perfectly.


What drew you to Jay Butler?

The stellar quality. When my dad used to take me shoe shopping, he always made me look closely at the stitching, the look, the feel. When I got these, I took them out of the box and felt the sole and immediately could tell how sturdy and well crafted it was. The way the stitching is clean and sharp. When I put them on, they felt snug, with just the right amount of give for comfort. I wear these for the entire weekend, 10 hours a day, no problem. 


Ever wear them to work?

Right now, with COVID, most people are not dressing up at the hospital. So I haven’t had the opportunity. But the minute that changes, I’m gonna incorporate them into a weekend outfit that I can wear in. They’ll fit perfectly into my work wardrobe.

janish kothari doctajayyy - seaside walk caramel silver bit loafers sm

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    I thought it was a very nice interview, and the style was perfect, love the shoes, type of shoe I can wear to work and social functions, a style to my taste. I don’t know how often you do these Interviews but I love hearing about fashion, and art.

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