What We're About

Our Mission:

In 2012, Justin Jeffers set out to buy the perfect pair of loafers—one that was well made, well styled, and well priced. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to make them himself. 

By staying true to tradition, Jay Butler creates classic footwear and leather goods that stand the test of time. Our expansive color and leather options pair with any style. Our prices are superb. As a small, American-based company, we’re proud of our personal connection with our valued customers. And each of our products is made with the kind of quality your grandfathers would respect.


Our Name:

Justin named his company Jay Butler, after his grandfather, Jay Desgrange, and his great-grandfather, Frank Butler. Jay was a mechanic, fire chief, and soldier; Butler was a sheriff and an exceptional baseball player. Both men loved their families and communities, and inspired Justin to make a product that put customers and quality first. 


Our Founder:

Justin Jeffers has loved shoes for nearly 20 years. In ninth grade, he fell in love with a pair of Converse Allstars. In college, he discovered the joys of Sperry Topsiders. Studying abroad in London, he hunted special edition Adidas. Corporate job in NYC? Italian bit loafers. He started Fine Young Gentleman, a blog focused on finding quality menswear on a budget, in 2011—then revisited London and hung around the tailors and cordwainers of Savile Row and Jermyn Street (where he eventually snagged a pair of New & Lingwood Butterfly Loafers). Justin founded Jay Butler in 2014. The company’s mission remains the same today as it was then: using his passion for shoes to create the perfect loafer at the perfect price. 


Our Three Tenets:

Well Made. We make shoes that will last for years and respect the time-honored traditions of fine shoemaking. It all starts with high-quality leather. We use full-grain cow leather for uppers and full leather soles. Our American Alligator hide comes from the U.S., and our supple ostrich comes from South Africa. All our loafers are made largely by hand in the legendary shoemaking town of Leon, Mexico, by local cordwainers trained in traditional moccasin-style construction techniques and Blake and Lock stitching. Generations of shoemaking knowledge goes into every pair of Jay Butler loafers, ensuring they are built to fit just right and last a lifetime.

Well Styled. Good style doesn’t only stand out—it can fit in wherever you are. We build our shoes in the spirit of the traditional American loafer: a shorter vamp that shows more of your foot, a thinner sole that’s flexible yet durable, a subtle heel that’s just the right height. Every pair is elegant enough for the office, sophisticated enough for date night, casual enough for the bar, and durable enough for daily wear. And as for style that fits in anywhere: our color range is truly extraordinary. Whether it’s brown, black, or navy (classic), blue or red (confident), or burgundy or caramel (delectable), you’ll find the perfect loafer color to fit your taste and outfit.

Well Priced. Want proof that a luxury-level loafer doesn’t have to come with a luxury-level price tag? Just try on a pair of ours. Our online-only retail model cuts out the middleman, helping us pass on the savings to you, even while we offer high-quality leathers and traditional hand-sewing techniques just like the big-name brands. Which means you can buy three pairs of ours for the price of one of theirs—and be just as happy with the product.