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Our Story:          

Jay Butler was created under the inspiration of two important men whose influence guided the values and priorities of our company. The first, Jay Desgrange, was a mechanic, a fire chief and a solider. The second, Frank Butler, was a sheriff and an exceptional baseball player. Both men valued their family, their country and their communities. Each of these attributes played a part in the inspiration behind creating our line of shoes and leather goods as well as the values that we hold as a company.

We take pride in our ethical sourcing, our high quality goods, and our ability to be a local company that services their community. We believe that by staying true to our traditional beliefs, we can create classic footwear and leather goods at the best possible value.

As part of this, we have adopted a direct to customer sales model. We do not sell through middleman or any retailers who mark our products up. Our goal is to sell shoes to our customers directly. This allows us to keep our prices low while still maintaining a high standard of quality. We take pride in developing personal connections and long-lasting relationships with our customers. If you ever want to talk about shoes, menswear or have any questions about us; just send us an email.

It is not difficult to find loafers that are inexpensive. Nor is it difficult to find ones that are well crafted and well styled. It is difficult to find loafers that are all three. In fact, I found it impossible to find that loafer so I set out to create it. The result of that mission is Jay Butler. I hope you like it.



Justin L. Jeffers

Founder & Creative Director



  1. How do Jay Butler shoes fit?

Please refer to our Men's Shoe Size Guide for specifics on sizing.  Our shoes fit true to size and are sized in US sizes in a normal width. We recommend using your size for dress shoes and other loafers, as sneakers and other athletic shoes tend to run larger. We have found that our sizes run in line with Allen Edmonds and Sperry. If you have a wide foot, we recommend going up a half size to accommodate the extra width.

When converting from UK sizing to US sizing, we recommend going one full size up. For example, a UK size 9 would be the equivalent to a US size 10. 


  1. Can women wear Jay Butler shoes?

Yes, women’s sizes are two full sizes smaller. For example, if you wear a women’s size 8 it is the equivalent to a men’s/Jay Butler 6.


  1. Will Jay Butler shoes stretch at all?

You should expect the shoes to stretch slightly in width, but they will not stretch in length. Our shoes are designed to have a snug fit around the toes and ball, this helps keep the shoes comfortably on the foot.


  1. Can I see Jay Butler products in person before purchase?

Our shoes are currently available for sale at a few select boutiques along the east coast and in Chicago, please refer to the Stockists page for further information.  Until recently, we were based in Philadelphia, however, we have moved out to San Francisco.  Once we have a more permanent space we will update this page with a location to welcome you at.


  1. I do not see a color or size that I would like, what should I do?

If an item that you would like to purchase is sold out or missing from our store, you may pre-order the item to ensure that you receive it when it comes back in stock. Please email us with your inquiries.


Shipping, Returns & Exchanges:  

Please utilize our returns & exchanges management system if you would like to initiate a return or exchange.

  1. What are my shipping options?

USPS Ground shipping is free for orders over $125. For orders less than $125, shipping costs an additional $10.

Overnight shipping can be requested for an additional $25 per pair of shoes for domestic shipments. Overnight shipping may be requested and paid for using the Overnight Shipping product.

International shipping is available at an additional cost of $50 for one pair of shoes, $75 for two pairs of shoes, and $90 for three pairs of shoes. International shipments are also sent via USPS International unless requested otherwise. Countries may charge customs or importation fees for our products. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay these fees, as the fees are out of our control.


  1. What is the returns policy and process?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are welcome to return or exchange items. Please utilize our returns management system if you would like to initiate a return.  Returns and exchanges are also accepted for any item that suffers from a manufacturer or shipping defect. Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. Please email with your name and order number if you believe your item(s) are defective.  Please include a photograph of the issue in the email.

If the shipping on your order was free, the shipping on your return will also be free.  However, if shipping was paid for (international shipping, for instance), then that cost will not be refunded.  We will provide you with a shipping label. Items must be returned in an unused and unworn condition, including the original packaging. If items are returned in a used condition, they will be sent back to the customer with no return granted. Upon inspection of returned items, a refund will be credited by original means of payment. Jay Butler is not responsible for covering the cost of return shipping for international orders.


  1. What is the exchange policy and process?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may exchange your items for different ones.  Please utilize our exchange management system if you would like to initiate a return.  Please send an email to with your name and order number if you believe your item(s) are defective.  Please include a photograph of the issue in the email.

If your initial shipping was free, your return will be free as well. Once the original items have been received and inspected, your exchanged item(s) will be sent to you. Jay Butler is not responsible for covering the cost of exchange shipping for international orders.


  1. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We ship via USPS Ground out of the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. If you live in New York or Philadelphia and you will receive your order in 1-2 business days. If you like outside of those regions, your order will arrive in 2-3 business days. Please refer to our Shipping Timeline map for further information.


Craftsmanship & Materials:

  1. Does Jay Butler offer custom products?

At this time, we do not offer custom services for our shoes. However, we are able to accommodate custom orders for our leather goods. For any existing style of leather good, a custom color scheme can be developed. The different customizable elements are the color of the leather, trim, and lining. New styles and designs cannot be created. Please allow 2-3 months for fulfillment from time of order.

Additionally, we offer custom services to organizations, which have a minimum order of 8 pieces. The cost per item is the same as it would be for non-custom orders. Quantity discounts are available for orders over 25 pieces of the same variation.

Logos and seals of organizations may be added to items through our custom embossing program. This service is offered at an additional cost $150 for casting of the stamp, and an extra $5 per item stamped. For inquiries relating to customized products, please email us at


  1. Where are the Jay Butler products made?

All of our products are hand-crafted in Mexico.


  1. Who makes Jay Butler shoes and leather goods?

Our products are created by expert craftsmen and craftswomen, and many have been working with shoes and leather for several decades. We are also fortunate enough to have artisans working for us that represent the second or third generation of their family in the craft. Our company values safe working environments, reasonable working hours and fair wages. We also take the necessary steps to ensure there is no child labor used in any of the facilities we work with. We do not use sweatshops or any other forms of unethical production for our goods. If you would like to see how our shoes are made, please view our video about the crafting of our shoes.


  1. What types of leathers does Jay Butler use for its shoes and leather goods?

Our shoes are made from full grain and suede leathers. Our leather goods are made from a variety of materials including crocodile, ostrich, sting ray, full grain leather, pig skin, and goat leather .


More Information:

  1. How can I get the latest news and updates about Jay Butler?

We recommend that you subscribe to our email newsletter that features new products, updates, and blog posts.  Please click on the envelope icon on the top right toolbar and you will be prompted to submit your email address.


  1. Where is Jay Butler based?

We are headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  1. How may I contact Jay Butler?

You may contact us by email at Additionally, you may find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Please refer to our Contact page for more information.


  1. Does Jay Butler sell gift cards?

Yes, we do sell gift cards. Please refer to our gift card page for more information.


  1. I am interested in working/interning for Jay Butler, what should I do?

We gladly accept resumes for both employees and interns. Please send us an email at with your resume attached as well as a cover letter. If you are applying for an internship/co-op and would like school credit, please also include the contact information of the person(s) at your school whom we will need to speak with. Please keep in mind that Jay Butler is based in San Francisco.


  1. I have a question that was not answered here, what should I do?

Please email us at

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