In Their Shoes: An independent marketing consultant tells us about his personal style, life sans socks, and the value of a gold bit loafer.

Posted on February 11 2021

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In In Their Shoes, we chat with one interesting Jay Butler customer about their life, their look, their go-to loafers, and why they wear Jay Butlers. This week we’re talking with Will Cyphers, an independent marketing consultant from Pennsylvania, about his personal style, wearing loafers without socks, and how he matches his Millbank gold-bit loafers to his lifestyle.

We would like to thank Will for allowing us to feature him and for providing photos of him wearing his Jay Butlers. You can find him on Instagram as @Fail_Cheesecat (click for link).  Want to share your story and how you wear your Jay Butlers? Send us a note to or to @JayButlerShoes (click for link).


Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Will Cyphers. I work in independent consulting, specializing in marketing and strategy for small agencies and brands. I’ve worked at big agencies in NYC for the past ten years, but in January 2020 I decided to go out on my own. I had no idea what was in store for me. But I’ve been lucky to pull together some steady work this year.

I’m big into cycling, photography, film, walking my dog, anything I can do to be outside. Riding my bike in the rolling hills of suburban PA is a good way to get out and clear my head. 

 brown bit loafers with patagnia vest - will cyphers in their shoes 

What’s your personal style like?

In my profession, I don’t wear suits a lot, but I like to dress up a bit: khakis, jeans, button-downs. That’s my wardrobe. I’m a big loafer-without-socks guy. My idea of comfort is a pair of Jay Butler loafers.


Which Jay Butlers are you wearing now?

The Millbank bit loafer: that’s my go-to, whether I’m going out for a walk, or out to meet people for a drink (well, not right now). For dinner and drinks, the Millbanks feel dressed up but do not leave you feeling like you’re overdressed. And when I do have to wear a suit, they’re great for that too.


Gold or silver bit?

The gold bit, to match my brass or gold belt buckles. But I have lots of pairs of Jay Butlers. I skew toward the brown leather or suede. Oh, and I really like the new perforated loafers. They’re a little bit edgier in fashion sense. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pop of color. But since my personality is a big pop of color, I like wearing the brown leather, which fits in pretty much any scenario.


What makes you keep buying Jay Butler loafers?

The soles, for sure. When I was busting around Manhattan in them, they lasted a really long time, which you couldn't say about many other, more expensive shoespairs. And they’re not just durable — they feel good against my feet. They mold well. With other pairs of new loafers, I’ve had bloody ankles from rubbing. With my Jay Butlers, I’ve never had that issue. They’re very clean looking, and they really maintain a good shape and a good look over time.

brown bit loafers on table - will cyphers in their shoes 

Walk us through your current outfit.

I’m in a pair of cuffed jeans, the Millbanks with a gold bit, no socks, even if it’s winter. A button-down shirt. My Barbour jacket. It’s something that when I’m running out the door on an errand looks good, but I can also dress it up with a sportcoat. I love that I can start the day in jeans and a t-shirt, then throw on a jacket and button-down for dinner, and never have to change my shoes. It’s a great look throughout the day for a variety of situations.

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  • Kirk: March 12, 2023

    Definitely some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned!

  • ROBIN Lunn: March 12, 2023

    I find wearing loafers without socks uncomfortable after a short while because the leather lining against skin gets sticky , are jay butler shoes made with a different lining?

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