In Their Shoes: An NYC real estate agent talks about people-watching for style, the hustle, and his ostrich leather bit loafers.

Posted on May 23 2021

In Their Shoes: An NYC real estate agent talks about people-watching for style, the hustle, and his ostrich leather bit loafers.

In In Their Shoes, we chat with one interesting Jay Butler customer about their life, their look, their go-to loafers, and why they wear Jay Butlers. This week we’re talking with Elias Marte, a real estate agent in NYC, about people-watching for style, the real estate hustle, and his ostrich leather bit loafers.

We would like to thank Elias for allowing us to feature him and for providing photos of him wearing his Jay Butlers. You can find him on Instagram as @Staycrispymyfriends.  Want to share your story and how you wear your Jay Butlers? Send us a note to or to @JayButlerShoes.

Hey Elias, how’s it going? Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 31. I’m a real estate agent in NYC that likes clothes a lot. That’s how people see me. I don’t always show up looking like a regular realtor. I really love eyewear, jewelry, and footwear. I’m a collector. Me and my friends love to eat at good restaurants. I’m a big music aficionado. I listen to all types of music but I usually keep underground rap, like Roc Marciano, Jay Worthy, and Larry June, or latin Jazz, like Hector Lavoe or Eddie Palmieri, in rotation. I’m big on vintage, and I love to go on eBay and hunt for pieces. I love art as well: Art Deco, Impressionism, graffiti. And real estate is a passion, too. I work on corporate relocations, a lot of expats relocating overseas.

Tell me about your style.

I wear a lot of jewelry, vintage eyewear, a lot of times a turtleneck. I currently have an afro, so that’s giving me ‘70s vibes. I like to wear a lot of vintage — the watches, for sure — and I like exotic looks and exotic leather. I definitely give off old New York Vibes.

How did you develop your style?

I was conscious of personal style at an early age. I started dressing myself very young. I would want particular items: for example, black hikers boots or a yellow and black Hugo Boss parka. Getting these items was always a good adventure. My mom was a great dresser so she played a big part in my style. That also probably explains why I get a lot of my inspiration from womenswear. 

Four years ago, I was looking at some old pictures of me and I decided to go back to wearing turtlenecks with a necklace medallion. I love watching old music videos from the ‘80s and ‘90s — mainly Latin, jazz, and rap. And I love people watching on the train. You see the best stuff, items not up to trend. For example, I might come across someone wearing a fanny pack or a shearling coat on the train. Then I’m on eBay or at vintage stores, hunting those items for my collection.

You said you’re loving the Millbank Bit Loafer in ostrich leather?

I’m wearing them with all my high-waisted pants. Somebody complimented me on them today. I love them together. They make me look like a character from the ‘70s or early ‘80s, but also current — the look’s up to date.

I love the exotic leather. It’s something you’re not gonna see every day. Very fancy. My finance friends see me with the gold horse bit, and they say, “You must be closing a deal today.” I like the aesthetic, that piece of gold, it stands out. It’s one of my favorite silhouettes, so I tend to wear them a lot. I wear them with most any kind of trousers. Most of mine are high-waisted, and I wear them with a turtleneck or a rugby polo. I can wear them with a button-up and a tie, too, depending on who I’m meeting. 


You’re into the gold bit?

I wear a lot of gold in general so it stands out a lot. If you see me from across the street, you see gold on my feet and gold on my neck, gold glasses. And then the leather is comfortable, and thin. And in ostrich it’s definitely gonna get a compliment.


Do you wear them to work too?

I wear the shoes to work a lot. Comfort and practicality are key for me. They’re comfortable and light, which is great since I’m always running around and have to be pretty mobile. I have other shoes that might cost a little more, but these are great for everyday running around. The sole does pretty well, and I’ve taken them to the cobbler when the sole does wear out. I have them in suede also too, and I wore them for a really long time. Hit them with the brush and they look good as new.

Photo Credit: @Collistory

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