Looks: First Of Fall

Posted on October 13 2016

Looks: First Of Fall

Fall is here, but it is not quite cool enough for all of the layers one typically associates with fall attire. For this look, we wanted to build an outfit by working backwards, starting with the shoes. We based the ensemble around a pair of brown suede Millbank bit loafers, and then worked upward by selecting a pair of khaki chinos. This is the quintessential casual trouser that every guy has in their wardrobe.  Next, we rounded out the look with a dark green long sleeve polo, which compliments the brown tones of the shoes and trousers, in addition to the green tones of fall. Polo shirts add a bit of warmth and are a classic piece for any season.

For a dash of color we added our cobalt crocodile card wallet, and for a bit of sophistication we added a leather strap dress watch.  

The versatility of this outfit allows for some fluctuation in the weather. If it gets warmer one can roll up the sleeves of the polo, or if it gets colder one can let the sleeves down and throw on a vest or light jacket.


The Jay Butler Team


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