Saphir Wax Polish

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Neutral Wax Polish
Black Wax Polish
Dark Brown Wax Polish
Medium Brown Wax Polish
Light Brown Wax Polish
Burgundy Wax Polish
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Saphir Beaute Du Cuir wax polish is useful for creating a high-shine finish on leather shoes that will help repel stains and water while extending the life of the shoes.  The polish is formulated using carnauba wax, beeswax and turpentine extract. Using only natural materials ensures the formula's high quality. 

The resulting finish from an application of Beaute Du Cuir wax polish is the highest level of shine that will help repel water and stains while extending the life of your shoes. 

We recommend using brown wax polish for our dark brown full grain shoes, black wax polish for our black full grain shoes, light brown wax polish for our caramel full grain shoes and burgundy wax polish for our burgundy pull up leather shoes.  Neutral polish can work on any color of leather.  Please refer below for instructions on how to polish shoes using Saphir cream polish.

-Made in France

-50 ml of product


How to clean and polish shoes: