Silk Knit Tie

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Navy Silk Knit
Light Blue Silk Knit
Red Silk Knit
Burgundy Silk Knit
Brown Silk Knit
Dark Green Silk Knit
Olive Green Silk Knit
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Your Next Favorite Tie

Nothing touches off a perfect upscale or sharp-casual look like a silk knit tie. Ours offer a square-bottomed pop of color and texture that‚ is 100 percent silk, knitted in a 100-year-old German mill. It‚Äôs fun, preppy, and formal with a twist.

100 Percent Silk

The crunch you feel when you press a good silk knit tie between your fingers is called ‚ cri de la soie,‚Äù or ‚ the cry of the silk.‚Äù We get that using top-notch silk yarn sourced from Switzerland, then knit in Germany. Together, the silk and the knit function in¬†a beautiful harmony

How We Wear It

Honestly, with anything. Vintage 3-button navy blazer at the bar? Preppy and subdued. Paired with a thick cardigan at the library? Cozy yet cool. Pinstripe suit for destination weddings? Prepare to be complimented.

Silk Knit Tie Checklist

  • 100 percent silk sourced from Switzerland
  • Made in Germany on a 100-year-old knitting machine
  • Available in navy, red, burgundy, brown, and olive green
  • 2.5 inches wide, 56 inches long
  • Tie it using a four-in-hand knot, store it rolled up

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